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Happy New Year!

Like so many of you, I closed 2018 with some strategic planning and agenda-setting for 2019. As I often do, I like to begin with grounding myself before jumping too far into thinking about the future. My grounding process always reflects back and acknowledges from where I have come.

I began 2018 in Auckland, anxious about my transition back to the United States. morena strategies was but an early seed of a concept and I was still unsure of whether I was ready to start my own business. While I am proud of what I've been able to accomplish and the work I've been a part of this past year, I am also overcome with gratitude. I am especially grateful for the encouragement, support, reassurance, and confidence of a few beautifully fierce and unbelievably talented women and colleagues that helped me let go of doubt and embrace the possibility.

This first post of the New Year is in celebration of female friendship and women supporting women. May we continue to lift each other up in 2019! Much love and appreciation to Tamika Butler, Vivienne Lee and Michelle O'Grady for believing in me and for believing in morena strategies.

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