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Koru • new beginnings

Double koru pounamu (greenstone)

I'm often asked about my logo and have never talked about its origin on my website - until now. I see it befitting given I recently returned from a reconnection holiday in Aotearoa (New Zealand).

My logo is a graphic depiction of a spiral, inspired by the koru, Maori for "loop" and representative of an unfurling fern frond. The koru symbolizes new life, new beginnings, perpetual movement and returning to the point of origin.

morena strategies was a new beginning for me - both personally and professionally - as I transitioned back to my physical birthplace and longstanding community after living and growing abroad in Aotearoa to start my own collaborative community consulting practice.

morena strategies believes in the importance of returning to the place - and people - of origin when seeking out solutions for today's challenges, and the need for perpetual movement to continue the life-energy of our neighborhoods and communities.

I hope this brief insight into the origins of my logo deepens your understanding of what morena strategies is all about.

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