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Client Spotlight: LTSC

One of my most exciting moments as a Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC) employee was kickstarting our creative community development work as an ArtPlace America Community Development Investments grantee back in 2015. Though I moved on, I left this work - known as +LAB - in the capable & more importantly, open & experimental hands of Grant Sunoo, Director of Planning and Dominique Miller, Creative Strategies Producer.

Last month I had the honor of witnessing the evolution of this work at the celebratory culmination event for the +LAB Artist Residency Program. I could not be more proud to be continuing my work with LTSC as client of morena strategies.

Photo: Mike Dennis

+LAB's inaugural Artist Residency Program

Artists in Residency (clockwise, top left): Susu Attar, Dan Kwong, Kuniharu Yoshida, Tina Takemoto

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