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Community-Led Urban Design

I just read this article from highlighting one woman's efforts to use community-led design to fight gentrification, and wanted to use this space to shout two other innovative women I know who are champions of community-led design: Theresa Hwang and Julia Suh.

I had the honor of working with Theresa Hwang's Dept of Places while at the Little Tokyo Service Center in Los Angeles CA. Dept of Places is a participatory design and community engagement practice that applies the power of design to strengthen neighborhoods so that all residents live in safe, healthy, joyful and just places.

Check out Theresa's work here.

Julia Suh and I met at a Project for Public Spaces conference in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2016 - right before I moved to Auckland. Julia is based in Australia but grew up in Aotearoa (New Zealand) and has her own human-centered design consultancy, Urban Toolbox. Watch the video below for more information on her approach to urban design.

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