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Flashback Friday: Equity & Inclusion in Placemaking (2016)

Two years ago I had the pleasure of joining some incredible international urbanists on a panel at Project for Public Spaces' 2016 Placemaking Leadership Forum in Vancouver.

Along with my colleague and friend, Alex Sasayama of NeighborWorks America, I talked about the over 130 year history of Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, my personal connection to this very special neighborhood, and its cultural significance - marked in large part by its generations of "placemaking" efforts well before such a term was coined. Little Tokyo, like so many other ethnic enclaves across the country and intentionally marginalized communities worldwide, has had to be creative, resourceful, and resilient to survive.

I hope you'll listen not just to our portion of this presentation but also to the incredible advocates working in Australia, South Africa and the Bay Area of California. You can find bios to all the presenters here under Friday's Equity & Inclusion in Placemaking session.

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