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ICYMI: Advancing Park Equity in LA and Beyond

Last week I had the privilege of moderating a timely conversation on equitable park access. You can now watch the full broadcast here if you missed it.

Panelists talked about what equitable park access means to them, their organizations & the communities they work with, especially in light of our current public health crisis and recently amplified struggle against racism. As someone who has never identified as a "parks person," but strongly believes in intersectionality and holistic approaches to economic and racial justice, this conversation helped me continue to deepen my own understanding of the importance of park access. I urge all of you to give it a listen. We covered everything from green gentrification to criminalization of Black bodies in public spaces to parks as economic access for street vendors to hostile design of parks...and so much more.

I want to say special thank you to NRDC's LA office for hosting this space and to the panelists - all of whom I've had the beautiful honor to work beside over the years - for graciously sharing their wisdom, experiences and incredibly valuable perspectives.

Please find out more about each of their work, support, follow and get involved!

Links to each of the organizations and their socials can be found here.

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