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Show Up for the Next Gen

Reflecting back, the younger version of myself would never have guessed I would be where I am today professionally. I had such a limited understanding of career choices and possibilities. Somehow, my journey unfolded in ways I could not plan or predict - and how grateful I am that it did!

La Raza de Loyola Attorney Panel (Nov 2018)

Last week I had the opportunity to return to my alma mater Loyola Law School, Los Angeles and share my community lawyering story with La Raza students. I remember sitting in their seats, starting law school with an idea of what it would mean to be a lawyer. I remember navigating the steps to realizing a career in public interest - largely on my own. I remember feeling out of place in what felt like a sea of soon-to-be law firm protégés. My goal when speaking to new professionals or students dreaming of their futures is not to convince them to go down my path or even to pursue careers in public interest or social justice, but to let them know every journey is different, that it's ok if theirs doesn't look like everyone else's, that opportunities exist even when we don't know we're looking for them. Supporting this next generation of professionals is part of my mission to catalyze, amplify and fortify the power that already exists within our communities.

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