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The Value Add of Neighborhood Based CDCs

From the very beginning of my career, I have had the honor to work beside some of LA's most innovative, responsive, and respectable community development organizations. These organizations have not only been instrumental in my own development as an advocate but have also served as cornerstones to LA's ethnic neighborhoods.

NBCDC Coalition Retreat 2013

The Neighborhood-Based CDC (NBCDC) Coalition consisted of four neighborhood-based CDCs - Coalition for Responsible Community Development, East LA Community Corporation, Esperanza Community Housing Corporation, & Little Tokyo - and a legal advocacy organization, Public Counsel. I served as the Coalition's coordinator and worked to uplift the unique and critical role neighborhood-based CDCs place in the larger community development space. We engaged in various policy advocacy and published a number of white papers, including Transit Law's Impact on Local Joint Development: An Explanation of Real and Perceived Barriers to Affordable Housing

- which remains timely as LA continues to build out its public transit infrastructure and Metro's Joint Development projects continue to be battlegrounds for truly community-benefitting development.

This white paper can be found at

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