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Throwback Thursday: 2012 Legal Guide to Equitable TOD

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) continues to make front page news across the nation and the world. Digging up an old - but still highly relevant - publication I contributed to 6 years ago, "Getting There Together: Tools to Advocate for Inclusive Development Near Transit." (download below)

Download PDF • 583KB

Public Counsel publication authored by Adam Cowing, Rémy De La Peza, Shashi Hanuman, Serena Lin, Anne Lainer Marquit, and Doug Smith

TOD is just as, if not more, of a hot topic in city development today than it was back in 2012. In Seattle, the California Legislature, and even in Auckland NZ, communities and decisionmakers are grappling with how to maximize the public benefits of expanding transit systems.

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